Dew Brew Home Brewing

Brand identity for a home brewer. Earlier on my friend had mentioned he was going to start brewing beer an I thought it would be a great idea to give him a kick ass brand to go along with his beer. The concept was based on the appreciation of the rugged outdoors and doing things yourself.

As the Wood cannot keep to a lone tract,
Or the ocean wave, true in motion,
Wash one still beach,
As the Night’s sky has no quarter above these,
Breeding naked stars over the deadest of lands,
Let this pint never be contained in one glass.

Overflowing, inspiring
The unadventurous to journey,
To steadfastness, to what responsibility
May bare him – to know Mans life
Knowing solely himself,

And not what he is fed or told:
Telling the story of Himself through His craft
In the spirit,
As the wild spills into wilderness,
As a man
Let this pint be had.

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